FTC World Championships

Power Surge had a great time competing at the FTC World Championships this year. Congratulations to the teams on the winning alliance: the RoboRaiders, Longhorns, and Jr. Bomb Squad! My team was ranked #1 in our division after winning all of our qualifying rounds, and made the highest score in both divisions (222). In the elimination rounds, we made it to the finals in our division (Edison), but a strange problem hit our robot and kept us from winning them. I'll be making some posts later on with pictures and videos of the event and of our robot.



Unknown said…
You have a great robot and you did really well! Congratulations on an outstanding season. There's no question in anyone's mind that was there that yours was the robot that everyone was comparing to.

Our team feels honored to have won the Innovate award with the level of ingenuity and design skill shown in your bot!

Thanks for providing inspiration to the world to show what thinking "outside the box" provides!

Alan LeVezu
Coach - FTC 2848 - Techno Guards
Thanks Alan... it was nice meeting your team down there. Congratulations on your award!


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