Grab your passport...

(CAD Building Instructions created by Christopher Smith.)


BlueToothKiwi said…
Very nice!!!!

I find the whole teaser campaign (starting with the clues) very original.

Good luck with the book!
Unknown said…
Jim did it again!
I'm looking forward to this.

On Apress, I detected a preview page for the book with an abstract on the contents.
On amazon, it says the book is to be published in October.
LEGOmom said…
I look forward to another great story Jim! Can someone refresh my memory? What are the parts difference between NXT-2.0 kit and the NXT kit? I think there is a sensor that is different as well as treads? Will there be a parts pack that we can purchase if have the NXT kit?


I'm working on this issue, but nothing firm yet. The trick is to find a way to let 1.0 kit owners build these robots.

I'll post when I have more info.
Will M said…
Definitely getting the book; not so sure about NXT 2.0 yet
definately getting the nxt 2.0 and possibly the book. The cover definately looks awsome and the robot looks interesting. And darn I thought you were really going on the adventure :( (wait did you?). Are you allowed to tell any info about the book? how many robots? how long an introduction/conclusion ect.
Patience, young Skywalker... :)

(I'll be releasing some info later this month as the publisher allows me...)


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