Overview video on WeDo

Recently, I got a WeDo set and played around with it. One of the results that have been spinning off is this little video that provides some initial overview:


Will M said…
investigation into connecting the WeDo sensors to the NXT? I'm crossing my fingers for an impressive tilt and IRPD sensor costing less than 40 dollars each!
Ignaz said…
I got my basic WeDo-Kit a couple of weeks ago. Sadly the basic kit comes only with four booklets of building instructions for all the predefined models, but no further instruction for the progamming language, the environment and the models itself.
The implemented tutorial gives only a rough idea and teaches realy only the basics - far from that, what LEGO offers with MINDSTORM NXT package - this is also my biggest point of critics. I would love to see, that at least the completed programms for all the described models are included on the basic CD. This would give at least more clues and you are not forced to buy an additional SW-package for a price over $100.

Nevertheless I think this is a great product. My son (7) and I enjoy the kit and it introduces him in a colorfull and playful way to the basics of robotics. Whereas currently the building of those models is priority for him - doing the code is mine.
LEGOmom said…
Thanks for the video! It helps to see it in action.


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