Que-boid, a cube-shaped NXT robot

Mark C from Ireland has published a neat video on a cube-shaped mobile NXT robot, called Que-boid:

Very nice!

Do not forget to visit Mark's web site which is a true blossom in the NXT web garden; a multitude of very interesting NXT (and other LEGO®) projects can be found there, alongside with detailed building instructions.


Anonymous said…
Very cool, but a little loud... what kind of sprockets were used?
Very cool but does putting an NXT inside a PF contraption makes it an NXT Robot? i did not see a single port used on his NXT :(
Brian Davis said…
If you read his webpage, you'll find that the NXT controls the PF via a Mindsensors IR link, which is not shown (along with cables) to make it easier to see what's going on. Much like Ogre, it's a fully functional robot under control of the NXT, but it's also fun to drive under remote control (and trust me, that's a lot easy to get a video of).
Unknown said…
Thanks Brian for clarifying that for Bazmati.

The video that Matthias posted is of me controlling Queboid with the PF remotes so make capturing the video easy on myself. If you look on my site you'll see examples of other NXT robots that I built that use the PF motors for driving and the NRLink for control.

Queboid looked good, but did not perform as well as I had hoped - the tracks kept slipping from the drive sprockets, and the design had very limited ground clearance so would often get stuck on the floor. I'm redesigning it now to solve these issues.

As for the type of sprockets used; they came from the LEGO education pack of 100 track links.


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