WorldFest Update 1

I met an interesting team at WorldFest this year - you can read about them here.

They're the "first all-deaf team to place in a top slot at a FIRST Robotics Competition in Georgia."

How cool is that?!

Meeting and watching the team was great, but what I'm really wanting to do right now is to start learning sign language... I think I may add that to my To Do list for this year.


Unknown said…

let's start learning it together - as Whorf said: "That's a great way of communication for warriors in a stealth mission" ;)
They had five or six interpreters with the team, but I found myself standing there wanting to talk to them one-on-one... I need to look into a class.
Eric D. Burdo said…
ASL (American Sign Language) is quite popular. I took it as my "foreign language" for high school. I don't use it much these days, but I did teach my kids some. Comes in handy some times.

And yeah... great for a stealth mission... like paintball! :)
hassenplug said…
Matt and I learned to say "Good Luck" while we were talking to them.


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