EPAN: Panorama views with the NXT

Team Robidog from Switzerland has
"built a NXT robot that moves a digital cam around while it is shooting an image each second. The cam runs in multi shot mode on a firmware extension called CHDK with consistent light exposure. Once the robot has covered a 180° area, it moves down for 10° and continues. This way, a 180° x 60° panorama view image comes into being which is finally assembled on the computer. When making use of the maximal zoom factor of the cam, almost a Giga pixel of data is generated." 
(Translation from the creators' statement)

Very nice!

Another movie with a panorama image of the Reformierte Kirche in Richterswil (CH) can be found here.


Eric D. Burdo said…
Philo has some good photography related Mindstorms creations too.

LEGO Panoramic photography by Philo

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