May 17, 2009

EPAN: Panorama views with the NXT

Team Robidog from Switzerland has
"built a NXT robot that moves a digital cam around while it is shooting an image each second. The cam runs in multi shot mode on a firmware extension called CHDK with consistent light exposure. Once the robot has covered a 180° area, it moves down for 10° and continues. This way, a 180° x 60° panorama view image comes into being which is finally assembled on the computer. When making use of the maximal zoom factor of the cam, almost a Giga pixel of data is generated." 
(Translation from the creators' statement)

Very nice!

Another movie with a panorama image of the Reformierte Kirche in Richterswil (CH) can be found here.

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Eric D. Burdo said...

Philo has some good photography related Mindstorms creations too.

LEGO Panoramic photography by Philo

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