From guest blogger Nils:

I've built a robot that is hanging from the ceiling on top of a pile pf paper sheets drawing dots. It's part of an art and design exhibition in the Netherlands. The exhibition is about the way we look at things. While a visitor is looking at images of certain objects an eye-tracker records where exactly the viewer has just looked at. The Lego robot then reproduces exactly these points with a thick marker so you're able to see how objects have been perceived. By this way more and more large scale images are produced and shown on a big wall and it becomes comparable how certain objects have been seen differently. There are much more images, movies and information on my website:


Amazing, Nils! I love this - those black and white interpretations are very eye catching.
WOW lego robots getting into art like this. If only those people at school that say lego is for babys. If only they knew what people do with this robot. Look at this I mean cmon eye tracking and drawing dots based on the reading of an eye tracking cant gett cooler then that!

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