Mayan Adventure Camp

Got a great email from Mariah S. along with some pictures...

"Hi Jim, Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know what a great time our 4-H'ers had at the robotics camp this past summer. It was our first ever robotics camp and we decided to go with "The Mayan Adventure." 4-H'ers from across the State of Mississippi came together to see if thier robots could uncover the secrets of King Ixtua's tomb. The ExploroBot robot was a great 'first' robot for the 4-H'ers to build as some of them had never built or programmed a robot before. I thought that the robots and the challenges were structured in such a way that the youth were able to move through progressively more difficult challenges improving their skillset along the way. They especially enjoyed creating "StringBot" although we christened it "VineBot." All in all everyone had a great time. Thanks for writing such a good guidebook, can't wait to see what's next!"

Thanks, Mariah - love the pictures and glad the kids had fun!


That is so cool!!! Thanks to Mayan Adventures educators can take robotics to a new level.

I can hardly wait for The King's Treature.
That's a very nice layout! It's great to see how far the ideas go!

Anonymous said…
Great scenery!! I'd love to compare notes since I've taught this too. if you get the chance.

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