New release of leJOS NXJ out

A new release of leJOS NXJ, the Java platform for the NXT, is out!
The new version 0.8 contains plenty of new features, bug fixes and improvements, including
  • Controlling the NXT from the computer 
  • Faster bootup times
  • Support for RS485
  • Support for RFID, RCX Rotation Sensor, and EOPD sensors
  • Support for Java 1.6 classes 
  • Support for Generics, Enum classes and foreach loops
  • Support for subsumption architectures
  • NXJControl utility for quick control of motors and sensors
  • Wider support in the lejos.navigation packages
  • javax.microedition.location for Bluetooth GPS
  • Lots of sample code in the 'samples' directory
Alongside with that, a new associated version of the Eclipse plug-in for leJOS NXJ is available.


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