INXT - Control the NXT from an IPHONE or IPOD

Daniel Siemer made a NXT remote for the IPHONE. It uses the same principle as my network-server which means that you can control the NXT from anywhere in the world by sending commands to a server running on a PC. Daniel wrote a server for MAC OS called OSX server. INXT can be use with either the MAC OS versrion or my Windows version. The servers are free but you need to buy the IPHONE remote though ITunes by following this link; the remote is 4.99 USD. You will find the support site here, if you need help to set up either the windows or MAC OS server. It looks really cool great job.


thank you sooooo much. i have been wanting to do this since i bought my ipod touch. I was wondering though if you could make a full tutorial on what settings to put the NXTServer on and stuff i was confused with all the buttons and numbers. So yeah could you please explain a full tutorial on how to set up a robot to be controled with an ipod touch?
Unknown said…
Hello Mega,
I am sorry I didn't have a tutorial posted already, I was busy getting ready to go on vacation when I was wrapping up work on all the support side and some things slipped through. The support site though now has a basic tutorial up, that I shall embellish with pictures of both servers in the near future, along with more detailed directions for remote connections.

Daniel Siemer
Unknown said…
Could you make a controller like that for mac?
Unknown said…
I could potentially make a version of the controller that ran on Mac, and I might do that at some point, but for the moment I am focusing on improving the iPhone application.
Anders Søborg said…
Nicolas you can use my windows remote on your mac. You simply run windows inside mac OS using virtual box or a similar virtual machine. I havn't tried it from mac OS, but it works in Linux. You will find my remote at

Unknown said…
There already is a mac version of this. I created it, it's fully featured and even supports running programs and voice control.

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