NXT 2.0 storage suggestion

I was at Home Depot the other day and found this very nice 10 compartment storage box from Stanley for $10.00. You can add and remove any of the 10 yellow inserts to change the compartment sizes. Brick, Ultrasonic Sensor, two Touch Sensors and two motors not visible in box because they're in use ;) Everything fits nicely, though, when disassembled.


Eric D. Burdo said…
I have a very similar case (also by Stanley) that I use for my NXT 1.0 kit. It has 10 compartments (you can move them around).

I might try to pick up a couple of this style (what you featured with the removable slots) for my other kits.
Pablo said…
I use a Plano organizer:

See my blog post:


It has a lot more compartments so you can divide the pieces more and have two levels (up and bottom).
Auraelius said…
That looks like a great case.

I've got to mention two excellent vendors:

1. Plano (I'm using the 1354-00 "Rack system" viewable via http://www.planomolding.com/tackle/products.asp).

I sent them a note saying I had lost my spare dividers and they sent a complete replacement set at no charge. Excellent customer service.

2. RoboticsLearning.com -- Steve has an excellent customization of a tackle box that I've used in FLL classes. The kids really appreciate being able to find things and it helps us keep track of all the sets. http://www.roboticslearning.com/store/storage-nxt-fll.html
Edmands said…
I agree that the Stanley version with the removable boxes is much more useful and easier to use.

I have two with 25 removable compartments and 6 of the ones with 10 compartments.

Stanley organizer picure.
Mezzauk said…
Maplin have two great products, the first i use at home -


The second is portable -


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