NXT Sequencer

One things I'm always keen to explore is the use of MINDSTORMS in ways that are not immediately obvious. I was lucky enough to have the chance to play with the new colour sensor that will ship with the 2.0 kit and came up with this little music sequencer.

Each coloured ball represents a different note. As the colour sensor passes over the top, the note assigned is played. Different rhythms are possible by placing the zamor spheres in different places on the holder.

Inspiration for this came from the BeatBearing project. http://www.beatbearing.co.uk/

Damien Kee


Will M said…
Oh. My. GOSH!! GOLD NXT!! If that's standard in NXT 2.0 I am finally sold on it!!!
Laurens Valk said…

That's not standard, just a LEGO exclusive :)

Unknown said…
So, the gold NXT is an exclusive? Where and how do you get it? Or is it only for special people?
Pe-ads said…
This is very cool. It's given me some ideas for stuff of my own. The BeatBearing thing is cool as well
The chrome/gold NXT is cool as well. Where/when/how can I buy/steal it?

I was just going to ask if they were planning on selling the gold nxt to the public (like a special as they did with the black nxt) or only to special people :) The first one I saw was on Steve H's trumpet model. THis is the second one i saw. cool model though. I see the color sensor works fairly well and its nice to know that it will be there instead of the light sensor but one question on that will it still be able to do what the old light sensor did (measure refected light and ambient light?) or just colors? Its very nice to see what people have made with the new nxt and i cant wait to get one for myself all the models online all thebooks coming out it looks great.
Robotica said…
Sorry to disappoint you all...

The white NXT lots (100.000ths)
The Black NXT 1998
The Gold NXT 40

to celebrate 10 years Mindstorms, LEGO made a black exclusive, and then at the 10 years party LEGO handed to a select group (MCP) a celebration gift being the gold NXT.

Still the NXT2 comes with the color sensor, but without the big wheel..

Brian Davis said…
And let's not forget the even rarer gold RCX (I think there's about 3 of those). But yes, the Gold NXT's are very nice... but this application is even nicer.
Pe-ads said…
Stealing a gold NXT is now the best option...
Will M said…
OK, found my own answer at Brickworld- MUP members got the gold NXT's as a 'thank-you' from LEGO. Also, they have no intentions to make more than the 40 already made at this time. Humph. These'd fly off the shelves quicker than the black NXT's! Petition time!
Eric said…
Where did the black mobile devastator wheel come from? It's not on peeron...

As for the gold brick, I think there were three of them on display at World fest. Fortunately, they didn't have the same fate as the color sensor (stolen).

I can't even find a picture of the gold RCX on the internet.

I wonder if it'd be possible to reduce the noise of the motors somehow?
Damien Kee said…
I'm glad people enjoyed it!

The Gold NXT was a very special run and I was very very fortunate to receive one.

I guess this makes a 2nd instrument made with the gold nxt!

Damien Kee said…

The Black wheel is actuall a green exoforce wheel painted black. I needed to do this as the green wheel gave some odd reading to the colour sensor and it couldn't tell the difference fromt he green zamor spheres.

Camasthecat said…
The gold NXT is awesome! :) I have the old white. :|

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