NXT Torture Test

I love a lot of the complex, massive LEGO robots out there... but sometimes what really impresses me is thinking outside the box. I recently ran across this example of using the NXT as anything but a "toy"... but as a serious way of rapidly generating a solution to a real problem.

This group needed a way to torture test a DVD player, and rather than generating some special solution, they turned to the NXT, and quickly tossed together a solution to the problem. When the player ejects the DVD, the NXT robot gently grabs the disk (sensing it with the light sensor), and then after a short time reverses and re-inserts the disk.

And when they're done torturing the drive? 100% reusable parts. I like the way they're thinking.

Brian Davis


Unknown said…
a friend of mine left a laptop to close to a wall where the cd comes out, it had the exactly the same effect, when the dvd was spitout from itunes importing, the cd was then auto pulled back as it couldnt eject fully, so pulled the cd back in reimported then ejected rinse repeat they called me over to ask what the sound was from their laptop, as it seems to go ping every time it finished importing, and they heard the ping but werent nearby to see the cd pulled back in, most roll mechanism suck in and push out laptop players could be torture tested in this way by just placing the up against a wall surface.

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