Raffle for Prizes

It's a RAFFLE!

UPDATE: A few questions have come in that I'd like to respond quickly to - (1) LEGO would like to use the feedback you provide for internal and external use - anyone who has already submitted a writeup that would like to withdraw their submission, just email me. (2) Focus your writeup on LEGO MINDSTORMS, the robotics kit... consider including the current generation in your thoughts, and the impact on children and adults alike (and the world).

LEGO is interested in what you think about LEGO MINDSTORMS! Write up,
in 50 to 100 words (English please!) your thoughts on MINDSTORMS. You
can choose to write about what MINDSTORMS stands for, compare it to
other LEGO products, describe how you compare it to the vast array of
robotics kits on the market, or any other comments you'd like to share
with LEGO.

Two winners will be selected at random from all those who submit a
response. If more than 250 responses are received, the two winners
will each receive one of the new #8547 LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 robotics
kits. If between 200 and 249 responses are received, one winner will
receive a robot kit and the other will receive a Technic kit of LEGO's
choice. Less than 200 responses and each winner will receive a
Technic kit of LEGO's choosing.

Deadline to submit is August 10th, 2009 3pm Eastern Standard Time.

Email your submission (no attachments) to thenxtstep2009@gmail.com - the Subject line
must be "LEGO MINDSTORMS Raffle Entry"

Please include your first name (ONLY), gender, country, and age. The
NXT Step blog will NOT share your email address with LEGO. If you're
under the age of 18, please ask your parent or guardian for permission
to participate. Your email address will ONLY be used to contact you
if you are a winner. After the contest ends and the two winners are
notified, all emails will be deleted.

So, in a nutshell, here is a summary of the rules - so read them carefully!

1. Email a short response - plain text, no attachments - , 50 to 100 words, about LEGO MINDSTORMS.
(101 words? Delete!)
2. Subject line must be "LEGO MINDSTORMS Raffle Entry" (Subject
line "LEGO Raffle Entry"? Delete!)
3. Include First Name ONLY, gender, country, and age. Do NOT include
any additional personal information! ("Hi, Jim - I hope I win!"
4. Deadline is Aug 10, 2009 3pm EST. (email received August 10, 2009
3:10pm EST? Delete!)
5. Do not post your entry in the comments section - questions are
okay but may not receive an immediate response.

Any emails received that do no adhere to these rules will be deleted -
no reply will be sent. The NXT Step contributors are NOT allowed to
enter (sorry, folks!).

LEGO will be reading these! So be nice. Tell LEGO what you think.
Tell them about your thoughts about or experience with LEGO MINDSTORMS. You might win!

Good luck!~

Jim Kelly


Unknown said…
So, add my name, gender, country and age? Or just my name?
Anonymous said…
If I attach my entry in a Microsoft Office Word Document including a heading with my name, gender, country, and age, am I to include the heading in my word count?
plain text in an email please... no attachments.

First name, gender, country, and age please.
Pe-ads said…
Looks cool. I think I'll enter. Can the response be on any Mindstorms-related topic? i.e. NXTLOG? Or should it be on the actual products?
Chad said…
Cool stuff. Do you think our comments may end up in a LEGO testimonials article or something? I wouldn't mind... I'm just curious.
WOW this is the contest I have been waiting ages for! I can't wait to enter I will keep editing and rewriting the email. Are you able to talk about what your experiance with NXT is? or just saying why you like the product? or what?
What I'll do is create a forum topic for those of us who have the 2.0 kit to post their thoughts, etc... and others can ask questions.

Anonymous said…
Am I supposed to put my full address on it, or just my country?
Nate KI6STK said…
Nathan, the rules say to put your country (e.g. United States)and not to add extra information. I guess that LEGO will collect your address direcly from you if you win.
Martijn H. said…
the 100 words limit, is that with or without country/gender/name/age?


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