Black NXT Bargin!

If you haven't seen it've been under a rock...and here's a tiny pic to drool over. If you're looking to buy but haven't grabbed yourself one of these nice looking 10 years of MINDSTORMS commemorative Black NXT're in luck! has reduced their price from $169.99 to $127.99 (USD) w/ free Super Saver shipping. That's a pretty good savings! Grab one if you dare.


NickNackGus said…
You might want to consider getting a bigger keyboard. If only some slight glicth in your computer ignored the letter "O"...Is it just me or do I end a lot of my comments with "..."...
"MIONDSTORMS" is the new system! J/K

Parax said…
Important Message

LEGO Mindstorms Black NXT Brick cannot be shipped to the selected address.

Bah US only?
Seems that someone could organize a group buy. The initial shipping would be free, then the shipping from the US to ... could be added. I don't have the time for the logistics right now. But, maybe someone out there does...?

Just a thought.

Unknown said…
Yes, the non-availability of the Black NXT in Europe has been a source of displeasure for some time already.
Even more, as there are a lot of people here who are drooling over one, whilst in the States, the demand seems to be saturated yet.

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