Desktop CNC cardboard router

Here is a fantastic example of how the NXT can be used as a prototyping device. You can see in the 2nd half of the video where this group has used the NXT to try different approaches to the problem. They start out with a 2 wheel mobile robot, but later decide to move to a setup with strings to pull the router around. I would hate to see a 2 wheeler with a blade getting out of control! :)

While the final product doesn't appear to have an NXT in it, it is great to see the evolution of a idea from concept through to a real product.

More info here:
The device is the brainchild of DK Ahn, a designer and graduate of London's Royal College of Arts.

Damien Kee


BlueToothKiwi said…
Great idea - I like the simplicity of attaching the four corner pieces to a table and initializing the position.

But you cant beat a more traditional movement for accuracy - have (say) the movement left and right be controlled by two motors on either side - which are in turn mounted on a runner that goes backward and forward.
I'd buy one right now! Great video - I, too, liked seeing the development... thanks for posting D!

A few questions:

1. How do they "zero" it - tension on strings is a nice idea, but does that mean that the 0,0 point is in the exact center of your cutting material?

2. What safety features? You're basically working with a Dremel or Laminate router (hand router) there... 26,000 RPM or higher can do all kind of crazy when it encounters a hard surface... and I don't think those strings and corner locks are going to hold it if it decides to jump - the torque on that motor is probably still enough to cause it to want to jump.

3. In one of the later developments, you can still see an NXT in the corner of the screen which makes me wonder if they disassembled one to fit in the final shape...

Imagine the potential if this thing could do stuff with our plastic and aluminum cans...

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