Jul 16, 2009

M, the candies sorter from "One-Kit Wonders"

On request by some readers of the "LEGO NXT MINDSTORMS One-Kit Wonders" book, I have created a video of my contribution to it:
M, the M&M's peanut candies sorter.

The quality of the video is not optimal by far, as the movie snippets I made back then were meant for internal and transient purpose only. :(
Nevertheless, it should provide some idea on the robot.


Paul said...

This book looks interesting. Which nxt programming language does it use?

Nathan said...

Nice, although I never have enough M&M's at one time to make a sorter for them.

Maybe someday I'll buy a big bag and force myself not to eat them all at once.


Matthias Paul Scholz said...

It's the "official" one, NXT-G (the one that comes with the set).

Christopher R. Smith (Littlehorn) said...

The book covers programming the models with NXT-G 1.0, but many (if not all) of the programs can be written and compiled with NXT-G 2.0 software. The programs are well explained in the book.


Matthias Paul Scholz said...


That was the most challening part for me also when designing that robot. ;)

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