NXT 2.0 can be ordered now!

The new LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 retail set can be ordered now from the offical LEGO Shop.
For some countries (including the USA), the site states that the set will be shipped on 1st of August, for others (UK or Germany, for instance), it's available immediately (some people here in Germany have reported to have received it already).


Unknown said…
In Spain you can order NXT 2.0 in RO-BOTICA. They ship it in 24h.
Unknown said…
Ordered mine from Amazon on the 1st of July since Lego Store did not have pre-order working yet and I sit here today, 3 July with the Mindstorm NXT 2.0 Kit on my desk ... a month early !!!
NXTDude said…
haha me too, ordered my NXT 2.0 yesterday from amazon, chose 1 day shipping w/ amazon prime it was only $4!! Just received my beautiful beautiful set a few minutes ago, i am freaking out! with the new one and the old set combined, i will take over the world! or build really insane robots, i think i choose option two =) It is awesome! =) =) =) --N.L.

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