NXT2.0 Alpharex

So what do you do when you get a new NXT2.0 kit? You open it and build the Alpharex model of course!

It took me about 2 hours in total to build and load a very simple program.


Damien Kee


Thanks for posting, Damien - that 2 hours seems about right... I didn't time myself when I was building and I took frequent stretch and eye-strain breaks.
Armagon said…
Wow! It turns, too. Is it easier to build (and program) than the original Alpha Rex?
Wow... from the video, it looks like LEGO really improved the 2.0 Alpha Rex from the first one; it seems like it works very well.

Parax said…
yep it walks great! it can turn walk forward backward and even dance on the spot.. its all in the timings! (synchronicity)

shame about the lack of compatability with the rechargable battery though. >:o(
Anonymous said…
Parax: Grr. Hmm, I'll have to borrow some AA's from my Dad for that model.
Fabrizzio said…
Hey, where I can found the instructios for building it?

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