Original NXT Kit Sold Out at LEGO Store

The original NXT retail (8527) set is now showing "Sold Out" at the LEGO online store. However, amazon.com still appears to be selling both the original 8527 and the new NXT 2.0 (8547) versions (both currently at the NXT 2.0 price). If you are considering getting the original kit (in order to be able to build models designed for the original set), now would probably be a good time, before the only remaining ones become harder to get and more expensive...

For more info on building older projects with the newer kit, see this page, which I recently updated to include a complete list of missing original 8527 parts when using the newer 8547 kit.


Rick Rhodes said…
We just went to the new LEGO store in Oklahoma City. They have plenty of the old kit in stock there. So, if you have a LEGO "bricks-and-mortar" store near you, you may find the older NXT there.

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