Building Instructions for Spitting Llama

On the LEGO MINDSTORMS news page, Fay Rhodes has building instructions for a spitting llama, made with the NXT 2.0 kit, pictured in the top photo above. (Photo by Dave Parker).

Included in the instructions is a "Beyond-the-Box" segment, discussing creative ways to make your own animal creations. The link is here.


Nicely done... but Fay, do llamas really spit? I've heard that about camels...

Love the furry one...

Rick Rhodes said…
Llamas do spit.

US readers may remember an episode of "Dirty Jobs" when the host, Mike Rowe, was the victim of a spitting attack by an annoyed llama. (Rowe survived).
Unknown said…
Fay, very nice!
Also the Building instructions are pretty good (and I like the "beyond Box" appendices).

Are you planning to publish a movie of the Llama in action?
LEGOmom said…
Yes great job Fay!
Unknown said…
And this is another occasion when I wished TLG would offer its News page also in other languages than just in English - many readers of my German NXT Blog will not be able to read them without help (and, honestly, those News entries are not that frequent that it couldn't be done with a reasonable effort).
Rick Rhodes said…

A point well taken about the need to translate LEGO news sites into German. (If memory serves, LEGO sells more products per capita to Germany than to any other country).

LEGO will soon feature another of Fay's models, complete with building instructions, on a German-speaking site. More details to come...
Unknown said…

Keep me informed!

(Do you need a native speaker for translation? ;) )
LEGOmom said…
My 9yr old son built the Spitting Llama today out of the NXT1.0 kit adn a zamar (sp?) shooter from the LEGO Mobile Devastator kit. The battery is charging and he's starting to program!

Let the spit fly!

And we will all finish up by reading about Llamas and finding where they live on the globe and hopefully find some fun youtube llama videos. We've seen the Dirty jobs episode as well.

(geography, animal behavior, visual spatial skills, logic skills, patience, fine motor skills) - what toy gives you all that? LEGO NXT!


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