Latest issue of MAKE magazine

One of my favorite magazines just arrived... the latest issue of MAKE (#19) has some good robotics projects in it... not NXT-related (too bad) but still interesting. Chris Anderson (Editor in Chief, WIRED magazine, my other favorite magazine), also talks about his Remote Control Drones in a great article. There's a great article on building your own "Makey the Robot" with complete steps that even novices can follow...

UPDATE: Received a correction from Chris: "...these aren't "RC drones", but fully autonomous aerial robots. Like all UAVs, they have a manual mode for landing and takeoff, but otherwise fly themselves. RC aircraft, by contrast, aren't autonomous.)"

Another nice thing that I must mention is a new program that MAKE magazine has started... they have a partnership program for selling subscriptions where they give the organization 50% (!) of the proceeds... sell 200 subscriptions and your team gets $3400! Got a team of 10 members? Have each team member sell 10 subscriptions and take that $1700 and buy some new NXT kits and Technic sets!

If you're not familiar with MAKE magazine, I highly recommend picking up a copy and checking it out - I wait anxiously for this quarterly magazine to arrive and typically read through it in one day...argh.


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