Money Counter

A nifty little money counter. It uses the size of each coin to determine it's value.

From the creator -
I made a little projekt with the aim to get an automatic money counting machine.
The Robot contains:
3 Motors
The Robot decides wich coin it has by the size of the coins, then he ads the values and displays the result.
When all coins are counted the robot recognizes this and gets itshelf back to starting position. ready for the next coins.
again its programmed with nxc , and took me 2 days. (works with euros and cents)

Damien Kee


Unknown said…
So, is the creator going to give out building and programing instructions? If yes, then where can I get them? Thanks!
Brian Davis said…
The creator might... or they might not. You already have the really hard work done for you, in that they came up with the idea, and showed you (with a movie no less) how to implement it. Why don't you take that idea, and see if you can implement it on your own. Maybe you'll even come up with a better way of doing it!

Can you tell I never build anything much from other people's instructions :) ?
lol.. yes the video is very well done and KUDO to this anonymous genius,,, I've been knocking my head on trying to figure out a proper coin sorter. This design is indeed a very good start to a robotic coin sorting device. Thanks for sharing
Kate said…
so that's what you did with my spare change. ;-)
Anonymous said…
Nice, but I have the same problem I had with the M&M sorter. I never have enough money at one time to sort it!

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