nxtprograms.com updating for NXT 2.0

In preparation for the official launch of NXT 2.0 (any time now...). The nxtprograms.com web site has been updated to start providing projects for the new NXT 2.0 kit as well as the original NXT kit.

To start with, I posted a few projects based on a castor wheel chassis (a useful vehicle type not included in the standard LEGO NXT 2.0 instructions), including an NXT 2.0 version of the classic Explorer project from nxtprograms.com. More details on the projects will be posted after the official launch.

More projects will be rolled out as time allows.


Robotica said…
looking forward to some of your amazing models, I sure liked the way your remote works.

You will still have nxt 1.0 projects added right? or is 50+ enough? either way nxt 2.0 is nice and you have all the right to switch to nxt 2.0 :) the site looks cool :P
Dave Parker said…
I plan/hope to find time to still post NXT 1.X project occasionally, but obviously less often, especially initially when I am getting some more NXT 2.0 stuff done. Eventually maybe I will be able to come up with an idea and post both NXT1 and NXT2 versions of it.

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