Raffle and MCP Update

MCP Update: LEGO is currently reviewing all the applications it received for the MCP group... expect an announcement soon.

Raffle: This one is my fault - I was on vacation all last week and was unable to bundle up all 137 entries into one document as requested by LEGO (I've got about 50 left). I should have that done today and LEGO tells me they'll pick the two winners (each one gets a Technic set) shortly.



Pe-ads said…
Fingers crossed...
LEGO has the list now... 137 entries. So you're odds are 2 in 137 or roughly 1 in 70... good luck to all.
LEGOmom said…
Darn - I was hoping for an NXT2.0 kit for myself!!!

Hmmm lego picks? so is it for how good you write or is it a raffle?

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