Raffle Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the raffle is August 10, 2009. I've only received 80 responses at this point, so please submit your response if you want a chance to win one of the two prizes LEGO is offering.


Haha My entry actually was 101 words when I counted so I took a few off and now its about 90 or so :P I never noticed how hard it is to write so few words I remember in elementary school it took me hours to write a 150 word letter.
Martijn H. said…
I had the opposid.
In elementary, I needed to write alot of 1 page story's...
I have one that got up to 12!
in 2 hours.
I gave a presentation that took 45 mins. there was no more time left for everybody else...
Will M said…
I hated the 500-word story contest LEGO ran awhile back- took a solid hour after the story was sketched out to whittle it down. I win though! *crosses fingers for this time*

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