Raffle Update

I received 137 raffle entries by the deadline... it'll take me a few days or so to consolidate the entries for LEGO. I hope to have a response from them on the winners by next week. More info as soon as I get it.



Intentor said…
Amazing, Jim!

Waiting for the winners!
im not too into raffles because you dont need any skill but hey I still did it :P you have that tiny chance of getting something. :)
Anonymous said…
*gasp* I forgot to write mine and send it in!

*smashes head against wall several times*

Pe-ads said…
No free NXTs... :-(
Oh well, at least there's still Technic sets to be won!
And Nathan, sorry about you not entering. I was going on holiday, so had to enter mine the day before I left!

Nate KI6STK said…
I have 1 in 137 chances to win a technic kit! I wonder how good/expensive the kit is.

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