Robotics in Education eJournal

It has taken a little while, but over at the Robotics in Education mailing list we have put together our first eJournal. With seven articles ranging from using the vernier pH sensor in the classroom to implementing robotics in under served communities, it is a great read for teachers and educators alike.

You can download it from

If you're a teacher, please consider joining our list. We have nearly 300 members, all helping each other to make our classrooms more exciting and engaging for our students.

Damien Kee


Your embedded link is incorrect...
Terry Griffin said…
Nice job Damien. Gathering teacher focused NXT info in a convient format can help with the "this is cool but what do I do with it?" problem.

Note to editor: the link in the article is wrong, it points to a (non-existent) page under instead of directly to

Terry Griffin
Damien Kee said…
Thanks guys, link has been fixed.

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