Robotics Workshop Syllabus

Per request, I've uploaded the rough syllabus that I made for my robotics workshops, and you can get it here. Keep in mind that I made this just to give me a rough idea of how to run the classes each day and to portion out the material efficiently. Also, note that I ended up straying significantly from various parts of the syllabus to adjust to my students. For example, I overestimated the skill/learning ability of my students, so I had to downscale or cut out some parts of the syllabus. The final challenge seemed way too difficult, so I changed it to a simpler challenge involving retrieval and delivery of two towers that were placed in pre-specified positions on the NXT Test Pad.

I ran each workshop from 1PM-4PM each day for a week (5 days). One thing not mentioned in the syllabus is a 15-minute break for snacks which we had half-way through each class.


EDIT : Also, for Day 1, I built and programmed Spike to demonstrate to the students instead of Tribot. They really loved this robot's capabilities, and I highly recommend it for sparking interest in a robotics course.


Armagon said…
Thank you, Jonathon!

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