Sudoku Solver

All I can say is *WOW!!!* this robot is amazing!

This NXT robot firstly sweeps over the sodoku board to find where the existing numbers are. It then scans each existing number individually and does some trick image recognition (segmentation/thinning etc) to work out it's value. Once it knows the values of each of the existing numbers, it can solve the puzzle. Using the pen on the front it proceeds to fill in all the blank space.

Truly impressive.

It would be interesting to find out how long the whole process takes.

More details at

Damien Kee


Linus A. said…
This reminds me of "Sudoku-Killer", a robot controlled by MATLAB which can apparently solve 200 sudokus in 30 minutes. It uses a computer for image recognitian and sudoku solving though:
Unknown said…
Wow... and are we sure this wasn't posted on April 1st?

Just wow!
Absolutely incredible!

from the creator of the tilted twister best rubiks cube solver (in my opinion because there was no webcam or computer involved :) ) This is just another one of tilted twisters best projects. I have seen sudoku solvers but just as the other rubiks cube solvers this uses the computer. This person really takes something that people belive impossible or too hard to do with just the NXT. TiltedTwister proves them all wrong. simply amazing
BlueToothKiwi said…
Yeah - I agree with megamindstorm101 - but just like the rubik cube solver he again stuck to the parts from just ONE NXT 1 kit.

But the real genius in the programming - especially the segmenting / thinning / letter recognition: Think of the computations involved in using something like the Otsu's method for thresholding!
As for the pen - The writing is still legible in the left and right extremes of the 9x9 grid!
Well done Hans - and thanks Damo for the post!
Unknown said…
Is all the computing done on the brick? Or is an external machine used (in particular for the image-related computations)?
Unknown said…
Addendum: Hans told me on asking that all the computing is done on the brick - no external computer is required.

Unknown said…
All computing IS done on the brick. I have built it, but as with the cube solver, it doensn't work. have I done something wrong or is it a hoax? The pen won't go up or down. In cube solver, it scanned cube and said whoops when it started to solve. Can someone else build and post?
thomisback said…
there is a problem with the pen elevator instructions. One of the 2 pins that u put between the elevator motor has been positioned incorrectly. The bottom pin has to be put 1 hole down.
Karl E. said…
bookslut said…
is this compatable wiht ev3?

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