Wires ShooterBot NXT 2.0


Although LEGO did their very best to check and double check the instructions, this somehow slipped through. A small error in one of the printed materials was discovered after the new NXT 2.0 box (8547) was packed and shipped.

As you can see in the below picture, form the LEGO MINDSTORMS User Guide (page15), two of the connections wires for the two drive motors from the starter model “ShooterBot” are misplaced. Although you can easily switch the wires it does not seem as an obvious error for those who are new to MINDSTORMS, resulting in strange behavior on their starter robot.

WRONG connection wires in ShooterBot BI

The software that also holds all the building and programming instructions have the wires in the correct order. Some of the older MINDSTORMS fans will remember that always the port B and C are used to power skid steer driving or walking, this is because they share the same motor driver IC and therefore they stay better synchronized.

CORRECT connection wires in ShooterBot BI



Gareth said…
I'm glad you said that... I thought I'd just not been paying attention when I built it! :)

I've already found several bugs and problems with the NXT 2.0 software and instructions (that weren't present in the previous version), but the biggest problem of all is that installing NXT 2.0 erases all of the building (and programming) instructions for NXT 1! Even if you specify a different install location it still uninstalls the old software anyway.

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