Article on Dean Kamen invention

The Slingshot isn't new - it's been seen on TV and Kamen has talked about it quite often, but this article indicates that the time is nearing for it to be put to actual use in the world.

During a very brief meeting at World Fest in 2008, I suggested to Dean that he consider putting a challenge to every FLL team (or FIRST robotics team of any sort) to raise money to purchase one Slingshot for donation. Of course, I didn't realize at the time that these machines cost well over $100,000 each... but with manufacturing methods and some improvements, according the article the price should drop to around $2000 per unit. That price is certainly within a reasonable range for FLL teams to consider doing fundraisers (or partnering with other teams to sponsor a Slingshot).

What do you think? FLL is such a great competition, and it gives students an opportunity to show their technical stuff... but how about asking teams to try and help focus attention on the lack of clean water in many countries by raising money during FLL season to "buy" a Slingshot?


I can't find the video, but I know he demonstrated it on an episode of The Colbert Report...
Found it -

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