Article on Geekdad on NXT programming options

geekdad has published a new article on the NXT where the author announces his plans to "explore its capabilities" by trying out some of the programming options out there for it.
Though I do not understand why Mr. Olsen dismisses Java-based options from the start (he gives no reason for it), while I am considering for instance leJOS NXJ as one of the best, mature, structured and easy-to-use programming platforms for the NXT out there and am using it regularly, the article nevertheless provides a nice overview.

I'm curious to hear about geekdad's further experiences with some of the options listed there.


Anonymous said…
I tried using leJOS and it just overwhelmed me, so I went back to using NXC, which has been very easy to learn and use.

I wish I could program it in HTML, I'm very good at that...

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