Fellow blogger gets some attention

He would never toot his own horn... so I'll do it for him! Congratulations to one of our bloggers, Jonathan Daudelin... out of over 1000 NJIT freshman students, he was picked as one of the freshmen this article focuses on.

Way to go, Jonathan.


Pe-ads said…
Congrats, Jonathan!
Enjoy your studies!

Unknown said…
And well deserved, methinks.
There's much to be expected from this lad in the future, judging on what I have seen from him so far.
Eric D. Burdo said…
Congrats Jonathan, that's no small achievements you have there!

And you're only starting... :)
Fay Rhodes said…
Outstanding, Jonathan! I have no doubt you'll do some amazing things---whatever you choose to do.
Sweet! Keep this up and expect to hear from me calling you for a job!

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