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From David C. in New Zealand:

The boys in the team are primary school students, ages 10 and 11, and they had lots of fun creating and running these robots over a period of about 3 months. The robots used Mindstorms NXT and a Rainbowduino (Arduino) board for the robot face and matrix display. They won the Primary Dance part of the competition.


Pe-ads said…
Who was the band? what was the song? It sounded like 'They Might be Giants', and it had the similar spoof feel to it.

TeamRoboBoogie said…
Hi Pe-ads, the song is "Robots" by Flight of the Conchords. Here's the video from the TV series: . The version the boys used is the Live version from the Conchords' album "The Distant Future".
Dave Parker said…
Very Nice, Great Job! I wish we could do FLL to music and get style points for syncing actions to the music. Wait... There's nothing in the rules that says we can't... so then we can, right? Is a 200 Watt amplifier allowed if it is not attached to the robot? :-)
Unknown said…
how do you make your program run forever? i put it in a loop set forever but after an hour it shut off. i guess its somesort of battery saving thing. but i need it to run for like 10 hr to track a shark. what do i need to do?

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