Manty, third bonus model NXT 2.0 (8547)

Proudly we announce the third bonus model for the NXT2.0 box. Laurens Valk (blogger at this blog) and creator of various interesting walking models has designed a praying mantis “Manty”. This model shows up next to Morph on the back cover of the box.

The model has a touch sensor to automatically synchronize its legs and an ultrasonic sensor to detect your hands, so it can avoid you.

Enjoy building



Unknown said…
Nice. :)

Would be useful if the MINDSTORMS page presented the video embedded on its page (besides, someone there should have removed the "For use within the MCP only" disclaimer before publishing it... ;) ).

Laurens, are you planning to publish it on YouTube also?
Could be easier be embedded into blog posts that way, for instance.
Laurens Valk said…
Hi Matthias,

I didn't actually send this video to them because it isn't really the quality I'd like to publish. Appearently they still had this video around somewhere.

I need to make a new video, but there is one problem. The model has already been sent to LEGO in Denmark :-)

Have you checked the building instructions? I spent more time on that than on the video...

Culshaw Family said…
I downloaded this model from Lego a few days ago (haven't got around to building it - slowed by the fact that NXT is really my son's birthday present!)
Does anyone know if it's possible (or if there are plans to) integrate this (and the other bonus models) into the NXT PC software? i.e. in the Vehicles, Animals, Machines or Humanoid section down the right.

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