NXC Tools for Mac OSX

John Hansen, the author and maintainer of NXC, the C-style programming language for the NXT, has now published a set of tools for the NXC development on Mac OSX.
NeXT Tools is
"a universal binary Mac OS X application which provides many of the tool windows that are part of the Bricx Command Center IDE. Included are: Direct controller, Diagnostics, Watch, Piano, Joystick, Remote, NeXT Explorer, NeXT Screen, Messages, Memory Map, Clear Memory, MIDI Conversion, Wav->RSO, Find Brick, Turn off brick, Close communication, and Firmware download",

as John states on the site from which the tools can be downloaded for free.

Nice stuff for Apple users!


Pe-ads said…
Those icons are really shiny.
Unknown said…

Thank you a lot, I was wondering if someday there would be some tools like this for the MAC and here they are, in EXTREME quality!!

Thaks !
Unknown said…
I tried to install the toolkit but it won't open. Maybe this is because I upgraded to Snow Leopard? Any suggestions??
Unknown said…
Will there ever be a mac version of the full Bricxcc IDE?
wow, this is really cool tool THANKS

it works in SNOW 10.6
it works with MBP's native BT
it's slick

con: (warning)
NXT screen tool shows blank and when plugged via USB, there is an option to "boot NXT in Samba mode..." however this option wipes your NXT firmware and does not warn you about it! :( so if you don't know what Samba is, don't try... it could (did) mess up NXT big time

everything else is top notch! Now i second Josh*.. full version of bricxcc would be great!

*try copying the app into your application folder start it from there, connection should at least show you USB (i eventually got BT to show up i was very happy)
oh and Josh did you managed to install NXT-G on snow? i need help with that!
Unknown said…
Thanks Marc-A Bazergui. I just had to install the latest driver from Lego.
"Code editor not yet implemented!" Yet! The button is there so it will probably come in a future update. But how far in the future??
I got mine to work with BT too. As for NXT-G, I have not tried to install that on my mac. Sorry. I use NXC on my old PC. Gave up on NXT-G a while ago.
Thanks again.
Unknown said…
The Code Editor does not work on my comp... what can be wrong??
John Hansen said…
The "boot NXT in SAMBA mode" menu option does ask you if you are sure that you want to do that. SAMBA is the "boot assistant" mode which is part of the firmware download process. Any time you download a firmware image to your NXT the first thing that has to happen is that your NXT is rebooted into SAMBA mode. The firmware download tool in NeXT Tools does this automatically for you. But if you are adventurous there might be a good reason to boot your NXT into SAMBA mode. To get out of SAMBA mode you should be able to simply use the firmware download tool in NeXT Tools to download either the standard NXT firmware image (1.05 or 1.28) or the enhanced NBC/NXC firmware image (1.07 or 1.28).

I am trying to solve some pesky component issues with Lazarus for Mac OS X which have delayed implementing a simple code editor with NBC/NXC compiler integration. I hope to have those problems solved soon. But I have a higher priority task to update all my documentation for the latest version of the compiler and get a new official release of NBC and BricxCC up on Sourceforge.
Retepvosnul said…
The toolkit for mac is great. Indeed the only thing missing is a editor with a compile and send/execute function.
Code highlighting or syntax library are not even a necessity.

Right now I use the Bricxcc editor for windows on wine which can not connect but does output executable.

I use the explorer to send and execute the code via bluetooth

Since OSX 10.6 The mindstorms official software has been even more of a disaster then usual.

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