NXT 2.0 Five Minute Bot

Sometimes you need a basic robot vehicle that you can build quickly in order to run some experiments, or whatever. This Five Minute Bot for NXT 2.0 can be built very quickly, but it still has good basic driving and turning performance on smooth surfaces (not designed for carpet), so it should give you reasonably pure experiment results.

This design is a variation on the NXT 1.0 Five Minute Bot project I posted last year, and although this one is designed for NXT 2.0, it can also be built with NXT 1.0 retail (8527).

I hear that many FLL teams have found the 1.0 Five Minute Bot design useful for their teams to experiment with, for example, to start learning programming and driving/navigation before the team has designed their own robot, or just to get off the ground if they are having trouble getting started.


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