NXT Wii Bowling robot

If you're anything like me, you enjoy the Wii bowling game, but haven't quite mastered how to bowl the perfect round.

Never fear, the guys over at BattleBricks have your solution!

One motor presses the 'A' button and the 'left' to setup up the perfect line. It then swings right around to press the 'B' trigger button on the back of the Wiimote. The other motor swings back and then forward, and the 'B' button is released at exactly the right time.

More info including the program used and building instructions can be found at

Damien Kee


Parax said…
Is it my eyes or is that a Lego Mii?
Anonymous said…
Wow. Now if only I had a Wii...

Unknown said…
not to be rude, but thats old news. but still cool! jojoguy10
Damien Kee said…
Wasn't until I posted it that I saw it was from 2007! :)
Unknown said…
It is like the robot that can be controlled by a wii remote at onemindstorm.com

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