HiTechnic New Releases

The folks over at HiTechnic have been busy... take a visit over at their redesigned website and you'll find a handful of new items, including:

1. HiTechnic Sensor Multiplexer - "...adds extra functionality by allowing up to 4 sensors to be connected to one NXT sensor port."

2. HiTechnic IRReceiver Sensor - "decodes commands from a Power Functions Remote Control and your NXT program can use the commands to directly control NXT motors or to control other functions in your program."

3. Building Instructions - HIGH quality, with sample program, too!

4. HiTechnic Experimenter's Kit - "contains everything you need to create your own sensors and electronic circuits that can be controlled with your NXT programs."

We'd love to hear your feedback on these items if you are using any of them!


Shep said…
I am glad they are coming out with new stuff. Their products are pretty well built, and it seems that they respond to the wishes of the NXT community much faster than Lego does. Keep it coming.
Unknown said…
Interesting new stuff.
I hope they deliver to Europe also.
Anonymous said…
Matthias, HiTechnic ships all over the world. We have customers in 6 out of 7 continents.
Dave Parker said…
I have successfully used the IR Receiver. It is very easy to use with the Power Functions IR remote control. I will post something when I get a chance.

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