Interactive Designs?

Currently there is a new forum topic in the Education section by "Bob", who is looking for robots that interact with people for an education event he is planning.

I think this is a topic a lot of us would be interested in. So, how about doing us all a favor by sharing your knowledge of interactive robotic designs---ones currently available somewhere (on the web, in a book,...) or ones you'd like to to share?


Brian Davis said…
I'm not quite sure I get this. Almost every robot I've ever built interacts with the environment, often with people. I've had them count people passing through a hallway, respond to sounds, wait for people and "rush" them like they are defending a nest, follow lines (which if you want human interaction, can be drawn on an 8x10 sheet of melamine laid on the floor). I think it might be helpful if this was better defined or explained (or, alternatively, maybe I just don't get it).
Laurens Valk said…
An interesting one can be found here:

I quote: "Phobot is a small proof-of-concept, affective robot. Phobot is a phobic robot, who's very scared of certain objects, and robots in particular. Phobot is meant as a concept exploring possible support tools for kids with object or location-related phobias. Phobot and the phobic child will help each other overcome fears by following exposure program steps. If you help Phobot out, gradually exposing the little robot to bigger and bigger robots, Phobot will overcome its fears."

Phobot was the winner of a competition at Human-Robot Interaction 2008, a robotic related event.

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