LDD 3.0 is out

The LEGO Group™ has released the new major version 3.0 of the LEGO Digital Designer®, the official software to create LEGO® models virtually on the computer.

The new version includes
  • an online panel
  • an improved user interface
  • a new building guide
  • grouping of elements
  • an improved hinge tool and a hinge align tool
  • a hide tool
  • improved performance
  • a buyability tool
Try it out (you can download it from here for free), inspect the Get Started guide and tell us about your experiences.


Does LDD come with and install automatically with the NXT 2.0 software? And if so is it the same version as this online release?
Unknown said…
No, the NXT 2.0 software and LDD are two different software products and are not linked to each other.
ThinkBrick said…
Ldd 3.0 is actually really much better than its predecessors just with the new parts alone. They have just about everything from NXT 2.0 stuff to all the parts and pieces from the educational set (Save for the wheels). Its a bit faster, and handles large creations so much better. But one of the new features isnt up to the best standard. The hinge align tool is great for some perfect connections, but otherwise jumbles and shakes your model before giving you the red light that the alignment doesnt work. (But we'll keep trying ). The building instructions feature was thoroughly simplified, but not a bother at all. LDD 3.0 needs a few more wheels, but otherwise its quite a free cad program!.
Anonymous said…
I can't download it because LDD 3.0 is only for PC and Intel-based Macs.

And I have a PowerPC!:-(
Unknown said…
I'm working on Linux... and the support for that by official LEGO® tools is virtually non-existent.
Aaron said…
I was waiting for someone on this blog to announce that! This software is actually fun to use without getting mad! Although, just as you explained in your post, the selection of tires is awful.

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