The video is a bit long, but be sure to wait for the behind-the-scenes look at the end.

If you've not seen NeXTSTORM's work before, you'll find many more impressive projects at the same address.


Unknown said…
You might also want to visit NeXTSTORM's web page at (the link provided on NeXTSTORM's You Tube channel doesn't work for me).
Shep said…
Another outstanding example of mixing the technology of robotics with the creativity of building a Lego diorama. Double good job.
A message to all that have already seen the 2091 AD movie (...and to all those that may see it in the future). The idea was to create an animation-like robotized movie. It seems that while editing, I was dazed from all that spinning, leaving the material in its original (real-time) state. The result is indeed a bit long... so thank you all for watching and commenting but mostly thank you for your patience!!!!
Best Regards from Athens, Greece
I really enjoyed this video and even if the spinning space craft was kinda dizzy.. boy was it ever worth it!!
From the original music composition to the incredible detailed moonbase interior ending with an impressive view of the NXTfied robocam setup !!!

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