LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0: The King's Treasure update

Apologies to all for my absence on the blog - I've been working very hard to get this book completed (along with two other books being written simultaneously - don't EVER do that, trust me).

The book is scheduled for a mid to end November release... 5 robots, 5 new challenges, and my good friend Chris Smith (fellow blogger and MCPer) is responsible for the CAD building instructions you'll see in side - no photos in this book! A big thank you to Chris for agreeing to take my photos and turn them into some real artwork.

Thanks to all of you for your patience AND for your kind words about The Mayan Adventure - the sequel would never have been done without you as Apress was happy with sales of the book and feedback from its readers.



Unknown said…
I'm looking forward to this book.
Jim, do you have some previews for us?
Not yet, but what would you like to see?
Armagon said…
Not sure what I'd like to see -- I can hardly ask to see a completed robot as that might spoil the challenge -- but I would like to ask:

- Does the book stand alone, or is it better in combination with the first book?
- Are there hints to help people with the NXT 1.0 set or educational set to build the models?
Okay, here's the deal - I'm currently sending LEGO the parts used in the robots on this book - I'm hoping they (or LEGO Education) will create a parts pack for the 1.0 users that contains all the missing pieces (minus the color sensor - the light sensor can easily be substituted in a challenge).

I'll keep everyone informed on the situation. For now, the robots are built with the 2.0 kit but 1.0 users won't have that much modification to make to tweak the robots to work (I hope).

The book is a standalone - you don't have to have read Mayan Adventure - the book uses the Design Journal worksheet method and the reader is walked through the processes again... but Mayan Adventure veterans should enjoy a new level of challenges, some are quite challenging.
MediumD said…
Jim, will the book come with the software solutions on a CD OR be able to download them from somewhere? My son loves putting the hardware together but hates the software portion.
There weren't any plans to have the programs hosted somewhere, but I'll hunt them down and see about posting a place to download them all in one big zip file... would that work?

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