Today LEGOWORLD in Zwolle (the Netherlands) starts.

We will be showing an automated highbay warehouse with over 25 NXT's. build and designed after the real version that LEGO has to store all their bricks.

Hope to see you there, come visit us in the main LEGO hall.



Unknown said…
Oh, great!
I can't wait to see a movie of it.
Parax said…
ugh that is huge! would love to know how many builders / contributers that took! looks fantastic, Im sure its even better to see it working!

any possibility of a run down of the NXT's and thier functions?

Is it PC controlled or daisy chained BT?
Robotica said…
no movie yet, but I will post how we did this.

the model was build by 3 persons, (Eric, Gerrit and Martyn)
It has about over 400.000 parts, of which 40.000 tiles 2x2 dark grey, that is about a mover box full of tiles!)

Shep said…
That picture is...AWESOME.

I so want to see video of that working.
Calvin said…
OMGOSH!!! Me and my friend where just talking about doing this like a week ago after reading about the warehouse in The LEGO Book. Can't wait for the video, sounds like an awesome model. :)

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