NXT Hexapod

Nice NXT Based hexapod. If anyone has any more details, please let us know in the comments.

Damien Kee


Armagon said…
That is a great design! I hope someone has more details, as I'd love to see some photos.
Shep said…
That is awsome. It seems like this person gets about 6 degrees of freedom out of 3 motors. Very nice.
Unknown said…
Quite convincing capabilities of navigation indeed!
I'd love to see some detail pictures of the hexapod...

The video has been uploaded by the editor of the Visual Art and Obscure Technology blog - maybe he knows more about the robot and its maker?
Anonymous said…
Pretty wild to be browsing NXT STEP only to see your own robot featured.

This is my robot. I displayed it last weekend, along with a bunch on other stuff, at BrickCon 2009 in Seattle (where I live).

Besides walking in funny patterns it does a few other things. It is primarily designed for the Walking Robot Race where the robot has to walk the length of the arena, about 6’, turn around, and walk back to where it started. For the walking robot race it uses LED lights placed at each end of the arena as beacons and there is a light sensor on the robot to help it stay on track. Interesting note, the sensor is actually on the back of robot facing forward looking through a narrow channel under the NXT. As the robot walks, the sensor scans the horizon for the light and adjusts each step to stay on track.

I will try to take some more photos and post on the net.

If anyone is in Seattle this weekend then come to Robothon at the Center House of the Seattle Center. Me and my Hexapod will be there along with a few other robots.

Unknown said…

So this robot of your's was the winning one of Brickworld's walking competition then, right?
Anonymous said…
Yes, well, it was BrickCon here in Seattle, not BrickWorld.

Please shoot me an email when you can - jktechwriter at gmail dot com - I have someone who would like to speak to you about your hexapod. Thanks.

Aaron said…
This robot is one of the most compact robots of all hexapods! I love it!
Mirakle said…
Hi Gus,

Would you mind giving us a few more details about your robot (instructions for building parts of it, etc.)?

Thx in advance
absolutely spectacular i love these robots with legs that move like that they are just amazing.
Anonymous said…
I have uploaded more photos and a video on flickr of the Hexapod walker. You can find it here:
Hexapod Set on Flickr

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