NXT in South America

MCP Mauricio Pego from Uruquay has published some images and a video on the two-NXTs robot AriAna built by him and his team "PureLEGO" who won one of the categories of the Uruguay IEEE competition 2009:

We are always happy to blog about NXT activities in South America - however, there seem to be so few of them there (?).
Hence, if you are from Brasil, Uruquay, Argentina, Venzuela or the likes, and you are related with LEGO® MINDSTORMS NXT: tell us about it.


Enrique said…
Team PuroLEGO from Montevideo, Uruguay, wishes to thank everyone in this wonderful community who encouraged us for this challenge and answered our questions. Two persons however, were key to this project. Philo (Philippe E. Hurbain) for the information published at his web site on how to derive power under program control from NXT motor port A. This information enabled us to power AriaAna's electromagnet at the desired times.

Also, a big thanks to Dave Parker, since AriAna's lifting mechanism is inspired on his Forklift design published at his fabulous site nxtprograms.com.

A couple of further explanations: the name of the team "PuroLEGO" is based on the fact that besides the electromagnet, its electronics, cables, kevlar string, and a few zip-ties, AriAna was built entirely with Lego parts. In this spirit, the programming was written in NXT-G, for which Mauricio's software mastery was invaluable.

And finally the robot's name, AriAna, comes after the two most important members of the team, Ariel Mordetzki and Ana Belén Pego!
Unknown said…
"We are always happy to blog about NXT activities in South America - however, there seem to be so few of them there (?)."


Unfortunately the activity here isn't shared over the internet, but...

We had 2 International FLL championships out there this year. One in Atlanta-US, and Other in Kobenhaven-Dennmrk.
In BOTH of them, the MISSIONS WINNER TEAM came from BRASIL!

In Dennmark Team Terradróide won the missions and in the USA Team Emerotecos also won the missions trophy.

I'm a member of Team Terradróide, who won the European Championship Missions. We compete against almost 70 winner teams from almost 30 countries all over the world!

Here in Brasil we're gettin close to the mark of 700 FLL teams. Our National championship is becaming a huge event!

There IS activity down here in South America! We only have to share that with the others!!

Cesar Barscevicius from São Paulo - Brasil

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