QR-codes on the NXT

Like to have hidden information on your NXT?

QR-codes, are Quick Response codes they link printed media to on-line media, like web pages. So if you see a code scan it with your mobile, and on-line you go, much faster then typing in the full URL.



Aaron said…
This is a good idea! A simple one too! Now that I've seen this, I've noticed a lot of QR codes around. The're out there! In fact, I found one on the side of a frozen meal box! The problem is, the technology is too new for most phones to support it yet.
Unknown said…
Actually, there's apps for phones..check Google for them to read QR codes.
Aaron said…
Oh, That might help! It seems like it would make more sence if instead of reading QR codes with your phone to go to the website, wouldn't it just be better to have the phone read the full website address and go to it? Then the packaging and papers wouldn't have to be changed.
Unknown said…
If there'd be a Java encoder class for QR Code, one could write a leJOS NXJ program running on the brick that creates and displays such a QR code on the LCD dynamically (from sensor data it collects, for instance).

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