Release 0.85 of leJOS NXJ

At beginning of September, the Open Source project leJOS has released version 0.85 of leJOS NXJ, the Java platform for the NXT.
0.85 is meant as a intermediary release on the road to the first major version 1.0; nevertheless, it features a lot of enhancements, amongst others
  • support for the new LEGO color sensor in the NXT 2.0 set
  • better support and documentation for MAC OS X, including the Fantom USB driver
  • a plug-in for the Netbeans IDE
  • improved JVM speed
  • support for the instanceof keyword
  • detection of rechargeable batteries and improved battery indicator
  • platform independent lejos.robotics packages
In addition, there are some previews included to upcoming technologies, such as
  • new navigation proposal (work in progress) that is platform independent, supports more vehicles, has better localization support, and new concepts of pose controllers and path finders
  • preliminary support for probabilistic robotics, including general purpose KalmanFilter class using matrix algebra
  • reworking of the Monte Carlo Localization classes
  • limited java.awt and java.awt.geom classes


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